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NOTE: Sending "spam" (unsolicited commerical e-mail), soliciting for charities or other non-profits, or anything like that to the following e-mail address is expressly prohibited. Violators may be hunted down and (figuratively) shot, or at the very least will be charged for any time necessary to prevent further abuse of this e-mail address (this is a minimum of $200 per offense). Punishment is at the webmaster's discretion.

I'll repeat for emphasis - I DO NOT buy anything from e-mailed requests for money (be it charitable, sales, or fraud). You are wasting my time and everyone's Internet bandwidth. So-called "Internet marketers" who are stupid enough to send me e-mail after reading this should be fired, or fired upon.

This is not to prevent personal e-mail concerning this web site or its contents, it strictly refers to spam. I hope this is clear enough.

That said, to send mail use:

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Have a nice day.

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