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If you have reached this page, it is probably because your mail to our site has been returned and has referenced this page. This site utilizes several measures to avoid receiving unwanted unsolicited e-mail, specifically those related to sales, marketing, fund-raising, polling, etc. These techniques occasionally result in rejection of legitimate e-mail, and we apologize for the difficulty.

The following are messages you are likely to receive, and what they mean:

If you are running your own mail server on a residential cable modem or DSL connection be sure that your ISP permits such activity on your class of service. So many residential computers have become infected with software that sends out spam that entire blocks of dynamic IP addresses are blocked, and these are very difficult to get unblocked without your ISP's assistance. If your class of service doesn't permit e-mail servers to be run, then you will likely not receive that assistance.

If you continue to have difficulty sending legitimate e-mail to the or domains, then please contact the telephone number listed in the domain's "whois" information if you don't already have a contact phone number. We will take whatever steps are necessary to relieve you of any frustration getting past these safeguards.

Again, our apologies for any difficulty the e-mail blocks have caused. Please understand that we do value e-mail messages from people, and that receiving an inordinate number of spam messages creates an environment where we cannot easily sort out the good messages from the bad ones.

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