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Doing my part to contribute to shameless self-promotion on the Internet...

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Here are some links to people, places, and things that currently mean something in my life, and will hopefully say something about what I've been doing.

In no particular order...

Note that I will no longer link to or acknowledge sites that are primarily Flash or require it. Why? First, Flash is a proprietary technology that Adobe controls. The Internet was built on open standards and I feel it must remain that way if the flow of information is to remain uninfluenced by corporate or governmental interests. Second, while I am now running Linux (Adobe does make a Flash player for Linux), I was running FreeBSD until recently. There is no Flash player or plug-in for FreeBSD (the only Open Source attempt is understandably buggy). I remember how frustrating it was to not be able to view web sites that required this proprietary technology.

By the way, if the information in the web site is what's important, what better reason could there be to remove all the bells-and-whistles that Flash adds and concentrate on clear, concise, and truly usable information. Utilize open movie formats to share multimedia items. Develop an Open Source interactive plug-in/player and contribute it to the web development community. You'll be thanking everyone who laid the groundwork for technology most people now take for granted.

NOTE: I am not anti-corporation nor anti-government, but I am opposed to either entity controlling how honest, considerate people peacefully communicate, interact, or move-about in their lives.

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